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About us

DJ Schmid

Date of birth: March 21st, 1972
Favorite music: Italo Disco, Euro Disco, Italo Dance, Euro Dance
Your Favorite moviestar: Oh that's difficult. There are some more like ''Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Steven Seagal, Sean Connery, Sigourney Weaver, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Monica Bellucci''.
Your favorite movie: It always changes a little bit. I prefer Action, Science - Fiction and Horror movies.
What is your favorite animal: I like cats. Especially black Panthers.
Which country is your favorite and why: Italy because they have a lot of good music, wonderful food and beautiful girls.
Are you married or...: Yes I'm married.
Your hobbies: Listen to music and making mixes. Going to cinema, jogging and I like to drive my sportscar.
Your favorite producers: Mauro Farina, Robyx, Roberto Turatti, Gutze Gautschi
What is your favorite instrument: Keyboard and Synthesizer.
Do you have one: No. In the early years of my life I played recorder and trompet. I have a great feeling for the music.
Your dream: Nobody knows it.

DJ Dusty

Date of birth: July 9th, 1975
My dream: That Eurodance will never die
My favorite movies: Blade, Indiana Jones, Friday the 13th, James Bond
My favorite series: Dexter, Hogan's Heroes, Miami Vice, A-Team, Airwolf
My favorite actors: Harrison Ford, Geena Davies, Margaret Rutherford, Fernandel, Michael C. Hall
My favorite directors: Lucio Fulci, Steven Spielberg, Jess Franco
My favorite Songs: On-X - Missing You, Da Blitz - Movin' On, Fifty Fifty - I Want You, Passpar 2 - My Fantasy
My favorite producers: Gutze Gautschi, Axel Breitung, Walter Cremonini, Gianfranco Bortolotti
Hobbies: Volleyball, Badminton, Curling, Multimedia and DJ-ing
Future Ambition: To live a happy and peaceful life
Pet Peeve: When people ask me:''What's wrong, you look tired''
Favorite Quote: Shit happens
Favorite Animal: Seahorses


Date of birth: Too old to be real...!
Favorite music: Italo Disco, Euro Dance, (Anthem)Trance, Synthesizer Dance, New Age
Your favorite ,music artists or bands: Radiorama, Da Blitz, Lange(my Trancegod), Laserdance, Jean Michel Jarre
Your favorite producers: Mauro Farina, Giorgio Moroder, Lange, JMJ, Michiel Van Der Kuy, Ferry Corsten and many more...
Your favorite countries: Italy (I'm Italian)
Are you married or...: Oh yes, including child namend Dario
Your hobbies: Produce, play and listen to music in my own Studio, Games (FPS and Spaceoperas), play with my son
Your favorite instrument: Synthesizers, Computers, Reason (Software Studio)
Do you have one: No, I have more than one...too much Instruments and no place anymore! *lol*
Your dream: It would be better to not comment
Favorite Quote: Take it or leave it...!
Your favorite animal: Birds

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