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Interview with Giusi Cammarata
This Interview was done in July 2007 by mail. I would like to thank Giusi Cammarata for the infos, pictures and the interview.

WebDjs: How did you discover music and singing?

Juicy: Music has been present with me since I was 8 years old … during that time, I was already singing. When I was 11 I sang in talent shows. And when I turned 16, I had my first live band.

WebDjs: How did Dancefloor Syndroma develop?

Juicy: At the time, I was working with a few studio projects. One day I was asked if I would enjoy having my own project and that’s how I got to know Dancefloor Syndroma. In the first single I was still titles as a featuring. After that, I became a steady part of the group.

WebDjs: You wrote the lyrics for the project. Did you have any influence regarding the sound?

Juicy: Yes I did. If I didn’t like a certain thing, they would change it …. Or if I had a good idea, like the rap part in italian… .

WebDjs: Is it true that Tina Harris joined the first single?

Juicy: No. Who said that?

WebDjs: I know about 3 singles from Dancefloor Syndroma that were published. Did you do more that weren’t?

Juicy: Yes, we did produce more that weren’t published.

WebDjs: When did the project break up?

Juicy: 10 years ago (1997)

WebDjs: Did you produce any videoclips?

Juicy: No.

WebDjs: Did you do lots of performances with Dancefloor Syndroma? Even in foreign countries?

Juicy: Yes, we did but not so many took place abroad. Most of them were in Austria and Italy.

WebDjs: Were there any plans made to publish an album with this project?

Juicy: No.

WebDjs: Do you have any contact to other acts from that time period?

Juicy: No.

WebDjs: Did you join any other danceprojects and if so, which ones?

Juicy: No I didn’t. I only did studio projects.

WebDjs: What does your future look like regarding music?

Juicy: 10 years ago I set up the project "4 wanted" with Markus Cremer (keyboarder and music production). Together we did performances covering songs in pop, rock and dance. Later on we had Tina Selle join the band as a singer. Ever since we've been making music that we like and enjoy.


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