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Interview with Kim Lukas
This Interview was done in Septemer 2007 by mail. I would like to thank Kim Lukas for the infos, pictures and the interview.

WebDjs: Where were you born?

Kim Lukas: I was born in Surrey,  south of London in England

WebDjs: Do you have any siblings?

Kim Lukas: I have 1 brother, he’s younger than me and lives in Malaga, Spain

WebDjs: Were you musically influenced by your parents?

Kim Lukas: My father is very passionate about music and from a very early age he had me listening to anything from the Beatles to Bob Dylan

WebDjs: What kind of music where you influenced by during your youth/what did you listen to?

Kim Lukas: I loved (and still do) pop music. Every Sunday I would listen to the Top 40 hit parade. Some of my favourite groups were Duran Duran, Madonna and Five Star

WebDjs: What kind of education did you receive?

Kim Lukas: After finishing high school I studied for 2 years at a performing arts college, I then went onto study a further 3 years at Drama school in London

WebDjs: What made you go to Italy?

Kim Lukas: I got a job touring with an Italian Theatre Company and after I decided to stay here

WebDjs: How did you get to Dbone Music?

Kim Lukas: I met Dbone music through my producer Roberto Turatti, after recording my first single ‘All I Really want’ he took the project to Dbone music

WebDjs: You wrote most of the lyrics yourself. Are some of them related to your personal life or are they fiction?

Kim Lukas: Most of my lyrics are based on general situations that people experience but also some of my own personal experiences.

WebDjs: What other projects did you sing for and write lyrics?

Kim Lukas: I have also written lyrics for numerous dance acts including Sagei Rei, Hard in Tango and I have also worked with Michele Paulicelli, I translated his latest musical ‘San Benedetto’

WebDjs: Was the song „Fiesta fever“ only for promotion?

Kim Lukas: "Fiesta fever" was to be released as a single but the project never moved forward

WebDjs: Did you have any influence while the music was produced?

Kim Lukas: Not really, only on the lyrics

WebDjs: What have you been doing the past few years?

Kim Lukas: I worked on Gay T.V as a presenter of the European Top 20 in 2002, I continue to perform my shows here in Italy and often too in Spain. I work in the studio with other singers helping with their English and also re- writing song lyrics. Recently I have been busy with my schools project, writing shows in English for Infant a Elementary schools.  

WebDjs: What countries did you perform in?

Kim Lukas: I have performed in all European countries and also in Canada and Russia.

WebDjs: Did you like shooting videos?

Kim Lukas: Yes, it’s hard work but also alot of fun

WebDjs: What did it feel like, after you landed your first hit?

Kim Lukas: Incredible, It seemed like a dream at the time

WebDjs: How did you get to know Nathalie?

Kim Lukas: I met Nathalie 7 years ago, we would often meet up at radio festivals for work and that’s how we became good friends

WebDjs: How was the song „Change the world“ created?

Kim Lukas: The producer Massimo Perini called me with the song and I suggested that we could do a duet with Nathalie as we both wanted to work together. The song was ideal for us.

WebDjs: What does your future look like in regards to your music?

Kim Lukas: At the moment we will see how promotion goes for  Change the world, I hope to continue writing but my next big project is….. I’m going to become a mum in January so that will take up most of my time

WebDjs: I would like to thank you for doing this interview.

Kim Lukas: Thank you for your time

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