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Interview with Guri Schwarz(Beat Society)
The meeting with Guri took place April 2003. I would like to say a big thank you to Guri for the great interview.

WebDjs: Guri, you’ve been in the musicbiz for over 10 years, mostly doing Hip Hop. But you took a little peak into Eurodance, with the single “Feel the Beat”. Did you bring out any other singles?

Guri: We wrote some more songs but we never got them published.

WebDjs: What’s the singers name?

Guri: Zana. We flew her in from London. The woman on the CD cover is not Zana, that girl is a former singer of DJ Bobo.

WebDjs: How did the whole idea develop?

Guri: Actually everything started off by doing the Hip Hop beats with P27. When Eurodance appeared, I wanted to try that too. I got some support from P27’s ex-manager and college. And not to forget, Domenico Livrano the producer from E-Rotic helped out too.

WebDjs: What do you do today?

Guri: I produce Hip Hop, mainly for DefCut. I also manage him. I still rap, like I do on DefCut’s track “Electro Zone 2000”. I also produced that one with him. I do work on some Hip Hop Samplers too, and I mix jingles for radio stations.

WebDjs: How many live performances did you do with Beat Society?

Guri: 3-4 big live ones. We had those in Spiez(CH), Paris, Köln(Popcom) and on TV (Sat1 and Pro7).

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